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『You're strange.』

"I'm aware of that~"

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Hello! You may refer to me as Angie/Kazura/Ang/whatever-you'd-like! 8D I'm flexible like that.

I've never had the skill of thinking up a well-written synopsis of myself on the spot. To be honest, I get nervous just going through those old school class introductory exercises where you speak your name and then an interest of your's or a neat fact about you. Well, that's one bit about me [that I'd really like to fix, but whatever.] =3

If you feel like you wouldn't mind getting to know more about me, drop a friend request, I'll probably add you back. :B That is of course, unless I've quit this blog for the gigamegakilobajillionth time.

Other than that... have a nice day! 8D

For the current journal layout, credits goes to refuted for the base code and perfect_smoke for the graphics!