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『You're strange.』
"I'm aware of that~"
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13th-Nov-2017 09:28 pm - [Friends please]
the GazettE Uruha

Big thanks to honeytrip  for the awesome banner!~

Hello! I'm Kazura/Angie~

Yes peoples, about 74.3% of this journal (As boring as it may seem right now. xDD) is friends locked~ Just because some entries may include names of my school and such that I don't want to put completely into the public yes? ^^ I don't mind meeting new friends though!

New! [2010.08.06] I've made my own Twitter~ Feel free to follow! I can't promise my active-ness though~

SuG Takeru
Hello everybody! 

I joined Twitter. xDD At this point in time I don't really even know what I'm going to be doing with it... but oh well.

If you would like to tweet tweet one at me, feel free to do so at @A_Oryzaee

Have a nice day!
16th-May-2009 09:35 am - So excited for next week!
SuG Takeru

So... besides the fact that the end of the school year is creeping up... (which is good and bad at the same time, I'm afraid. xP) next week is the annual school music tour! (YIPPEE!) 3 days off of school while we're driving around Kelowna performing at elementary schools and such! >w< Gosh, it's so close! I've even got the work I'll miss for the three days. x3 (Which reminds me... I should really get to work on that... xDD)

When I get back, I'm planning to write down any dish I experience over there! 8DD As for now... I've
really got to start on the rational expression concept map, my earth science worksheets and my book reading questions... =X

'Till the next update~
Angie signing out!
14th-Mar-2008 04:19 pm - Friendship rant?
the GazettE Uruha

This rant has to do with what happened to my friend recently. (And also because I practically NEEDED something to post about seeing as how LiveJournal tells me my last update was six weeks ago. .___.) So here goes. "What is the cost for friendship?"

28th-Jan-2008 07:33 pm - A poem I really like. =3
the GazettE Uruha


Drifting on the breeze
The beautiful butterfly
Benign and gentle
Floats like driftwood
Upon the sky.
Its wonderous wings
Coated with the 
Powder of 
Peaceful silence 
Accompanying it 
Followed by
Exclaims and 
Amazed remarks.
Now as it lands on
My palm, I can only
Notice it's intracate
Wing designs for a second
Before it flutters away again.

Hehe, I was bored so I decide to post this poem up. ^^ I personally really like it. x3
EDIT: Somehow I forgot to say who wrote it. xDD It was me. ^^; For a school assignment. >.>;

9th-Jan-2008 09:36 pm - Mission impossible perhaps?
the GazettE Uruha

For our Challenge individual project (Where we can do /anything/ we want,) I'm planning to cosplay Saga/Shou/Bou and make everything from scratch. x3 Think it's possible? Here's the plan I had for it:

6th-Jan-2008 03:12 pm - My first fanfic! :D (Finally... =.=)
the GazettE Uruha

Title: Parallel Opposites // Prologue
Author: kazuraloveshero
ShouxUruha (Implied), SagaxShou, HirotoxSaga (So far to be in later chapters)
Rating: PG-13?? Just to be safe. x3
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Angst... (I guess. o.o)
Summary: If everybody else is amazingly beautiful, then anybody normal is hideous. And with a pretty face comes a pretty mind. What will Shou do after his best friend leaves him all alone in an ugly world?
X-Posted: aliceinloveland and my own journal

What a short prologue.Collapse )

Comments are loved <33~

the GazettE Uruha

Since I've read "Go Ask Alice" (I recommend it, it's quite eye-opening. If only in a little bit...), I've started keeping a journal. Although right now most of it is just about what I wonder I'll write in it later on. xDD Well, I wonder how long that will last. /// Since school is almost starting again!!!! DDDDD: I don't want to go back. But still, there's the friends factor. :/
One of my best friends left for the winter holidays to Hong Kong and Japan. ^^; (You know who you are xxicedevilxx)
Still... however as much fun I can get from friends in school the jerks just have to ruin it. >.>;; Stupid brats who just arn't thoughtful of others... ^^; (Not to mention who just wears too much perfume and Axe. =.=; I'm going to lose so much scent sensory cells...)

Anyway, just a quick update. :D
(And a picture... just because Shou's too gorgeous for me to resist. o3o
He demands to be in my mind 24/7!!  )


Picture credits to Red Windmill. ^^

10th-Dec-2007 06:58 pm - A poem for L.A. class...
the GazettE Uruha

What is the opposite of negativity?
It's not restraining joyful thoughts in captivity
Instead, it is reasoning things that could be worse
To not place silver linings in reverse.

What is the opposite of depression?
Is it the restraint of strong expression?
Life has got no point if you're numb,
Happiness is from enjoyment in times to come.

What is the opposite of regret?
An opportunity becoming more than a fading silhouette.
Or maybe the thought that something could have been more
In which you took action over the impulse to ignore

You get it? x3

11th-Oct-2007 07:56 am - =.=; I feel bad.
the GazettE Uruha
DDD: I just feel so horrible right now~ I lost my voice, can hardly breathe, and keeps getting watery eyes and runny nose. And on top of that I still have to go to school. >.<; It's not fun! xP I just want to scream, yet I can't because I lost my voice. xDD
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